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Clergy Ordinations for July 1st

This is an historical record of the ordination dates of clergy in Australia for the 1st of July:

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1961   Rev Richard Doyle   Perth
1995   Rev Charles Lukati   Adelaide
1995   Rev Patrick Njenga   Sydney
2005   Rev Peter John Neivandt   Sandhurst
1960   Rev Anthony Moester SDB  
1968   Rev Barry O'Donohue   Rockhampton
1958   Rev Benjamin Lewis   Townsville
1969   Very Rev Bernard Gallagher   Brisbane
1961   Rev Brian Schmidt   Adelaide
1982   Rev Christopher Schick   Rockhampton
1967   Rev Christopher Austin SM  
1955   Rev Edward Cooper SDB  
1960   Rev Elio Proietto SDB  
1960   Rev Francis Freeman SDB  
1995   Rev Francis Tran   Wollongong
1954   Rev James Carroll SDB  
1961   Rev John Chambers   Adelaide
1995   Rev John Ho   Wollongong
1990   Rev Tibebeselassie Abza   Sydney
1947   Rev Joseph Staunton   Canberra & Goulburn
1994   Rev Mark Andrew McGuinness MSC  
1955   Rev Mgr John Francis Lyne   Sydney
1964   Rev Michael Shadbolt PE   Melbourne
1966   Rev Noel Milner   Rockhampton
1962   Rev Patrick Martin Jones  
1995   Rev Paul Winter   Lismore
1987   Very Rev Peter Jones OSA  
1956   Rev Robert Curmi SDB  
1959   Rev William Donegan PE  
1982   Rev Karel Duivenvoorden   Rockhampton
1967   Rev Patrick Cassidy   Brisbane
1969   Rev Nick de Groot SVD  
1995   Rev Joel Simiyu Wafula Nyongesa   Broome
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