Prayer for December 5th


List of Deceased Clergy, only year of death known
List of Deceased Clergy, date of death unknown

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This is an historical record of the death of clergy in Australia for the 5th of December:
  • 2015
    Rev Campion Murray OFM   Read more
  • 2017
    Rev Paul Tarpey  Born 16/02/1944; Ordained 29/11/1991 Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn
  • 1901
    Rev Thomas Vincent Corcoran OSA  Cairns, Qld, etc
  • 1907
    Rev James Holehan  Stanley, Burnie, Port Arthur, Cygnet, Richmond, Longley, Kingston, Tas
  • 1911
    Rev Edward Malone OSA  Rochester, Vic, etc
  • 1915
    Rev Philippe Sautel SM  Sydney
  • 1936
    Rev James E Boran  Sydney dioc
  • 1949
    Rev Arthur Little SJ  Sydney, etc
  • 1950
    Rev Ernest A Cooke  Sydney
  • 1960
    Rev John F Cullinan  Streaky Bay, etc, SA
  • 1971
    Rev Terence Warren CSsR  Perth; Ballarat, Vic, etc
  • 1974
    Rev John Francis McMahon  Bathurst dioc, NSW
  • 1977
    Rev Joseph Burke OMI  Beaconsfield, WA; Sefton, NSW; Springvale North, Vic; Kalinga, Qld
  • 1977
    Rev Sydney Frederick Morey  Swan Hill, Terang, Mildura, Horsham, etc, Vic
  • 1989
    Rev James McCormack CSsR  Galong, NSW, etc
  • 1991
    Rev Vincent de Paul Ryan OFMCap  Plumpton, Leichhardt, NSW; Wynnum, Qld
  • 1994
    Rev Thomas James Wright  Goulburn, Braidwood, Temora, Canberra, Yarralumla, Braddon, Farrer, NSW; ACT
  • 1995
    Rev Kevin Patrick Ellis  Melbourne dioc
  • 1997
    Rev John Martin  Ballarat dioc, Vic
  • 2005
    Rev Hugh Patrick Leonard  Croydon, Lalor Park, NSW
  • 2006
    Rev Denis Matthew Doyle  Broken Hill, Bourke, Barham, Parkes, Forbes, NSW
  • 2021
    Rev Lyall Cowell  Ordained 18/10/2012. The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross
Clergy who died in December, exact date of death unknown:
  • 2017Rev Antoun Bou Antoun   Born 12/10/1933; Ordained 06/03/1976 Maronite Diocese
  • Rev Gabriel Lyons OSA   Kyabram, Vic, etc
  • Rev Patrick Moore   Sandhurst dioc, Vic
  • Rev Arthur Murphy   Sandhurst dioc, Vic
  • Rev Thomas Neville   Sandhurst Diocese, Victoria.
  • Rev John Roach OP   Sandhurst dioc, Vic; Adelaide
  • 1854Rev John Healy   Kincumber, NSW
  • 1916Rev Timothy Healey   Sandhurst dioc, Vic

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