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Prayer for March 1st


List of Deceased Clergy, only year of death known
List of Deceased Clergy, date of death unknown

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This is an historical record of the death of clergy in Australia for the 1st of March:
  • 2010
    Rev John Phelan  Born 09/07/1930; Ordained 06/06/1954; Diocese of Sale.
  • 1872
    Bishop Laurence Bonaventure Patrick Sheil OFM  Adelaide
  • 1879
    Rev Edward O'Dwyer  Bathurst dioc, NSW
  • 1895
    Rev John Eugene Gourbellion OSB  Sydney; Ballarat, Vic
  • 1897
    Rev Thomas Caldwell OSB  Hobart, Ross, Tas; Adelaide
  • 1910
    Rev Sigismund Karlinger SJ  Sevenhill, Jamestown, etc, SA
  • 1924
    Rev Denis (Finbar) O'Connor OCarm  Gawler, SA
  • 1930
    Rev Robert O'Dempsey SJ  Sydney, etc
  • 1942
    Rev Patrick Finnerty  Esk, etc, Qld
  • 1945
    Archbishop Michael Sheehan  Sydney
  • 1977
    Rev Bernard Geoghegan  Melbourne dioc
  • 1979
    Rev Frederick James Fry  MacLean, Kempsey, Grafton, Murwillumbah, Kyogle, Dorrigo, South. Grafton etc, NSW
  • 1982
    Rev William Joseph Hayes  Melbourne dioc
  • 1982
    Rev Richard Walter O'Donovan  Ashby, Wagga, Junee, Leeton, Albury, Holbrook, Berrigan, etc, NSW
  • 1983
    Rev Thomas Joseph Maloney  Balaklava, Kapunda, Adelaide, etc, SA
  • 1988
    Rev Thomas Christopher Mulkerrin SSC  Adelaide, etc
  • 1988
    Rev Patrick Talty CSsR  Perth, WA; Newcastle, NSW.
  • 1999
    Rev Francis Scanlon  Biggenden, Woodford, East Brisbane, Newmarket, Qld
  • 2001
    Rev James (Jim) McLaren  Sydney dioc
  • 2004
    Rev Peter D Shiel  St. Ives, Sydney and Broken Bay dioc, NSW
  • 2008
    Rev Barry Leonard SJ  
  • 2008
    Rev John Flynn  Born 11/02/1932; Ordained 30/06/1956.
  • 2007
    Rev Boniface Cotter  
Clergy who died in March, exact date of death unknown:
  • Rev John Carter   Sandhurst dioc, Vic
  • 1872Rev Peter Bruno Powell   St. Leonards, Penrith, etc, NSW; Penola, Mt. Gambier, Adelaide dioc, SA; Perth, Albany, WA; Melbourne, Vic
  • 1886Rev Martin Meagher   Crookwell, etc, NSW; Hobart dioc
  • 1889Rev Francis? Costello   Sydney
  • 1906Rev Michael Farrelly   Sandhurst dioc, Vic

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