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Prayer for October 9th


List of Deceased Clergy, only year of death known
List of Deceased Clergy, date of death unknown

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This is an historical record of the death of clergy in Australia for the 9th of October:
  • 2010
    Rev Deacon Allan Kinnane MSC  Born 11/09/1921; Ordained 24/05/1994; Allenby Gardens SA.
  • 2011
    Rev Bede Barcatta OSB  Born 27/07/1920.
  • 2013
    Rev John McMillan SM   Read more
  • 2011
    Rev Leo Leunig  Palmyra, Cottesloe, Scarborough, Quairading, Embleton WA
  • 2010
    Rev Leo Pascoe PE   Read more
  • 2011
    Rev Patrick (Paddy) O'Reilly OMI   Read more
  • 2010
    Rev Raffaele Tresca CP  Marrickville NSW etc.
  • 1882
    Rev Michael Sheridan  Ballarat, Vic
  • 1885
    Rev Joseph M Garavel  Waverley, Newtown, Pyrmont, etc, NSW
  • 1889
    Rev John Cleary  Melbourne
  • 1892
    Rev Michael O'Leary  Warragul, Vic; Narrandera, NSW
  • 1893
    Rev Joseph O'Hanlon  Charleville, etc, Qld
  • 1909
    Rev Reginald Harold Bridge  Granville, Manly, Erskineville, Gosford, Parramatta, NSW
  • 1913
    Rev Maurice Wolfe  Blackall, Childers, etc, Qld
  • 1940
    Rev W Kevin Murphy  Corinda, etc, Qld
  • 1940
    Rev Thomas Quinn  Queenscliff, Mentone, Oakleigh, Carlton, etc, Vic
  • 1941
    Rev Mgr Thomas Barry  Manly, Chatswood, etc, NSW
  • 1951
    Rev John Dicks MSC  Sydney, etc
  • 1986
    Rev Peter James  Deepdene, Collingwood, Doveton, Dallas, Melton South, etc, Vic
  • 1986
    Bishop William Rowell OFM  Sydney, etc
  • 1987
    Rev Thomas Shortall OMI  Fremantle, WA; Brisbane; Moe, Mulgrave, Vic
  • 1988
    Rev John Phelan  Melbourne dioc
  • 1999
    Rev Francis Patrick Murphy  Healesville, Heidelberg, Murrumbeena, Broadmeadows, Niddrie, Vic
  • 2003
    Rev Kevin O'Mahoney SSC  Essendon, Vic, etc
  • 2008
    Rev Joseph Francis Geran SSS  Born 07/12/1923; Ordained 24/07/1960; Bowral, Chatswood, NSW; Bunbury, Perth, WA; Melbourne, Wattle Park, Box Hill, Vic.
Clergy who died in October, exact date of death unknown:
  • Rev Michael Conlon   Ballarat dioc, Vic
  • 1879Rev Michael Renehan   Drayton, etc, Qld; Sydney
  • 1880Rev Eugenio Ricci   Toowoomba, Qld
  • 1887Rev F Farrelly   Sydney
  • 1889Rev Patrick Riordan   Portland, Melbourne, etc, Vic
  • 1903Brosnan   Sydney
  • 1930Rev Richard Timothy Daly   Goulburn dioc, NSW
  • 1932Rev Michael Quinn   Ballarat dioc, Vic
  • 1979Rev John Comerford   Rockhampton, Mackay, Bundaberg, Blackall, Tambo, Aramac, Marian, etc, Qld
  • 1987Rev Denis Daly   Sydney

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